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You are a hardworking, witty, ambitious real estate agent and there’s so much about you to tell. Now, your task is to summarize all of your best traits to fit 160 characters. This is a social media bio in a nutshell. Your bio creates the virtual world’s first impression of you. It can make or break your follower base - and eventually clients, as Americans spend most of their internet time on social media. 

According to the New York Times, perfecting your bio is an art form. That is why we have created the real estate agent’s guide to mastering the art of social media bio. We have enclosed social media bio examples and templates to give you a thorough understanding of the topic.

How to Write A Killer Real Estate Social Media Bio

  1. Give Importance to Brevity

Your social media bio is a tagline you give to yourself. Hence, keep it simple, concise, and to the point. Approach it like a teaser, and do not bother to divulge every single detail about yourself. Use short forms and slang to keep it brief and capture the reader’s attention. Include who you are, your work as a real estate agent, your interests, what you offer, and your contact information.

  1. Research Keywords

Most social media bios are windows to be discovered on search engines. Hence, it’s essential that you choose the right keywords. Make use of Ahrefs, a free keyword research tool to explore appropriate keywords and SEO optimize your social media bio. While choosing keywords, go for ones with high search volume and low keyword difficulty. Bios that use the right keywords generate more organic traffic on search engines.

  1. Use Humor

Emotions bring out your company’s human side and make you more relatable and approachable to people. Humor is a proven way to win social media followers’ hearts, so do not hesitate to show your quirky, raw, and authentic side to the virtual world.

  1. Be Consistent

Your social media bio should be consistent across all channels to establish your brand personality. Package the same information in different styles for different social media platforms. Use short phrases on Twitter, and follow a formal tone on LinkedIn as it is a professional network.

  1. Update Regularly

As your brand grows and followers increase, update your social media bio regularly. Revisiting your bio every year helps retain your profile’s freshness and keeps your followers rooting for you.

Social Media Bios for Different Platforms


An Instagram bio is a 150 character description under your username on your real estate Instagram profile. It is like your brand’s identity card. The Instagram bio is the place to tell people about yourself, your brand, and what you do. Use the limited space to answer basic questions like who, what, and why. A strong Instagram bio can persuade users to take action by clicking your link, following you, or even visiting your physical shop.

Instagram Bio
Image: Hootsuite

Alexandra Gater’s Instagram bio is the perfect social media bio example. It is concise, to the point, and gives a quick overview of her niche- interior design for small apartments. It includes a link to her youtube channel so that prospective followers can take a quick look at what she does.

Instagram bio template for real estate agents:

Helping (target clients) buy and sell homes in (region/city).

(Insert achievement- number of clients/ years of experience, awards)

(Insert a link to website/ free stuff that will be useful for your clientele)


When people on Facebook want to find out more about a real estate agent, they go to your Facebook About page. Therefore, it is crucial to fill your About section with helpful information. A meticulous About page can answer many of your page visitors’ questions, thereby saving you time and energy. 

The About page has 3 sections. Fill out the Business Info area with core details such as mission. The Contact Info section should include your business website, phone number, and email address. Finally, furnish the More Info section with your company overview. 

Image: Hootsuite

Apartment Therapy’s Facebook About section covers their date of start, mission, contact information, and a sweet note about what they do. 

Facebook About template for real estate agents:

(Slogan)(Company name) helps our customers (insert 3 things you do- find homes, sell homes, etc.)


Ignoring your Twitter bio can result in the loss of a golden opportunity to be discovered through search engines. It is the best place to divulge your title, real estate accomplishments, hobbies and give a sneak peek into your personality. Getting your message across in 160 characters with a tinge of humor will provide you with visibility in and outside Twitter. 

Image: Hootsuite

Cole Nowicki’s Twitter bio starts on a humorous note showing his funny side. He later states his professional titles concisely thereby creating a great social media bio example.

Template for real estate Twitter bio:

(Witty commentary about yourself). (Professional titles), (famous clients you have worked for), (achievements). (Email address).


When someone googles your name, most of the time your LinkedIn profile is the one that pops up first. Therefore, maintaining an updated and professional profile on the platform is vital for the career growth of real estate agents. The Summary section on LinkedIn gives you unrestricted freedom to elaborate on your skills, talents, professional experience, and anything else you want to add.

Karen Abbate numbers her career highlights to make it reader-friendly. The anecdote makes her summary interesting to read, and the revelation of her husband’s illness shows her human and vulnerable side.

LinkedIn Summary template for real estate agents:

(Name) has worked in the real estate industry for (number of years). Their career started in (insert story of how it started). Since then, (name) has (accomplishments) and (achievements). (Name) is a member of (real estate association name). (Name)’s mission is to (insert your career mission and goals).


Pinterest is a highly visual medium; hence, so this social media bio must be brief enough to be absorbed by viewers in seconds. You also need to introduce yourself and convince people to either follow you or repin your content in a short period. Using the right keywords on Pinterest bio is vital because they show up on search results. Hence, use Pinterest’s keyword research tool and carefully choose the words you put on your bio.

Image: Later.com

KJ and Co’s Pinterest bio is brief and uses the right keywords like wedding, GTA, Halton, Niagra, and more to be SEO optimized.

Pinterest bio template for real estate agents:

(Your name) is a real estate agent. Follow me to (insert what you offer to followers- home ideas, luxury listings, etc.) and keep updated on my posts.

With these social media bio templates, you are not far away from being a real estate social media pro. Remember, your bio can make or break your real estate brand, so brainstorm and come up with interesting ones.

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