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Social media marketing

Linkedin for Real Estate Agents : Top 7 Tips & Ideas

Christie M
May 23, 2021

The possibilities of using LinkedIn to amp up the real estate game are unknown to many. Over the last few years, the platform has grown from being just another job search engine to a significant business networking site. 59.9% of LinkedIn’s 722 million members are between 25 and 34 years, and nearly half of its users earn $75,000. This makes the platform ideal for finding home buyers and sellers than any other social media site. Yet, many real estate professionals are ignorant of this opportunity. Read on to find out how to tap into the housing market on LinkedIn.

How to Use Linkedin For Real Estate

1. Getting Started

The key to getting started on LinkedIn is by creating a compelling profile. The first step to take in this direction is by filling in your professional details in a comprehensive manner. Include your website URL, social media account links, and any other information that will make you stand out of the pack. Your headline and cover image are going to be the most noticed features on your page. Hence, choose them wisely. Uploading a good professional headshot as your display picture will help you come across as a trustworthy individual. 

2. Establish Local Connections

Make use of the Advanced Search tool on LinkedIn to filter and search for local connections. Along with home buyers and sellers, search for construction companies, home builders, and others who help people find homes. Send them a request to connect and leave them a compelling message about why they should connect with you. Make a habit of connecting with at least five people daily. Always establish a strong relationship before talking business. Finding common ground can help present yourself as a reliable realtor in your area.

3. Post Useful Content

The best way to create an unforgettable impression among past and prospective clients is by regularly feeding them handy content. Publish blog posts, pictures, and videos containing information about your locality. New homebuyers will value details about the nearest park, restaurants, schools, and entertainment and will keep coming back to you for more. Share links to industry updates and surveys, and write an article or two in a month commenting on the industry or home buying trends to establish yourself as a thought leader. Make use of LinkedIn’s article writing feature to be discovered and followed by people outside your circle. Making your profile public will ensure the articles are visible off LinkedIn as well. LinkedIn live streams increased by 437% in 2020; hence it’s a great time to use this tool. Posting LinkedIn stories will also help leave a mark upon your audience.

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4. The Power of Professional Groups

Groups are the secret recipe for growth on LinkedIn. Joining/ starting professional groups on the platform can help you connect with like-minded people and get your message across. Search for real estate groups in your area and start being active in them to mark your online attendance. If you are starting your group, invite locals and realtors to generate leads and land clients. Regular activity in groups can make you a familiar name in your community, and you will be the first they think of when buying/selling a home.

For example, take ‘Real Estate Professionals Referral Group’ on LinkedIn. This group was created with the specific purpose of finding and providing real estate agents for people in search of homes. The group members are all real estate professionals willing to provide referrals to those in need. The 1,49,682 member group consists of realtors from all over the world, hence it is a great platform for networking and finding leads.

5. Analyze with LinkedIn Analytics

Regularly analyze your profile’s performance through LinkedIn analytics. Every activity of yours gets recorded here; hence analytics determines impressions, clicks, and interactions on each post. Depending on the trends shown, alter your LinkedIn activities to make the best of the platform.

LinkedIn’s visitor metrics show page views on desktop and mobile devices. It reveals the unique visitors along with custom button clicks. Visitor demographics categorizes them according to their job function, locality, seniority, industry, and company size, providing accurate data.

6. Post High-Quality Content that Has the Potential to go Viral

The best way to get around on LinkedIn is by posting good quality content. Let us take a leaf out of psychology for this. Information that can educate realtors to be better professionals in their field is the best kind of content that will create engagement. It will also help to establish you as a guru in the industry. The best thing about LinkedIn is that once a post gains traction, the platform makes sure it goes viral by showing it to the targeted audience.

7. Don’t Try Too Hard to Sell

Just like any other social media platform, people scroll through LinkedIn for entertainment and business. So don’t try too hard to sell. Instead, try to be ‘discovered’. Make use of LinkedIn ads and inbound marketing strategies to make your mark in the exciting world of LinkedIn.

Dell ran this catchy LinkedIn ad two decades after they first launched PowerEdge. What makes it stand apart is the nostalgic image combined with the heartwarming message. The advertisement shows the computer company’s human side by remembering their early days and thanking their team and customers for sticking by them. The hashtag #throwbackthursday adds to the fun and engagement.

LinkedIn stands apart at a time of significant data breaches by being the most trusted social networking site. Reputed to generate 277% more leads than Twitter and Facebook, this platform is a goldmine for realtors if strategized and used in the right way. Share with us your LinkedIn game plan. Also, read our previous article in the series Top 5 Twitter Marketing Tips For Real Estate Agents & Realtors to learn how to master Twitter.

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Christie M

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