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Social media marketing

12 Real Estate Reel Ideas for Instagram Marketing

Using Instagram Reels can expand your audience on the platform, leading to more potential home buyers and sellers seeing your posts – a crucial aspect of successful social media marketing strategies!

Our goal is for more people to recognize you as the top local agent. By utilizing Reels, you not only strengthen your brand but also establish meaningful connections within your market. Despite the effectiveness of Instagram Reels, we understand that they can be time-consuming. You need to brainstorm ideas to ensure your Reels perform well. That's why this guide will explore the best Real Estate Reel Ideas for your Instagram Marketing, ensuring your efforts are both effective and efficient.

Why should you post Instagram Reels?

The Instagram Reels tab offers lots of content suggestions and is a great tool for real estate media companies to increase their organic reach. It doesn't matter how long you've been in the industry; you can always reach more people. Of course, you need clear goals and attractive visual content ideas. Your objectives might include reaching more audiences, engaging your social community, or showcasing services to realtors. Instagram Reels can help you achieve these goals with ease.

Instagram Reels Ideas for Real Estate Agents

1. Engage Your Audience Authentically

To build a strong community on social media, it's crucial to involve your followers in your business journey. If your brand values community connection, share genuine moments from your daily operations. Consider posting behind-the-scenes videos like "Instagram vs. Reality" or time-lapse clips illustrating the effort behind a photographer training or property photoshoot.

Remember, authenticity matters more than fancy visuals. Share real challenges your team encounters during shoots, such as unexpected rain delays. If you haven't explored these types of posts on Instagram before, now is the perfect opportunity to start!

2. Offer Valuable Insights

In real estate, there's always something new to learn or try. Tap into the wealth of knowledge realtors possess and share valuable tips and tricks with your audience. Consider creating a series of Instagram Reels featuring checklists for agents to prepare before a shoot. Engage your audience by asking them what content they'd like to see next through polls or stories. Here are some ideas to get you started:

• Tips for shooting real estate photos on your phone

• Hacks for editing real estate photos

• Strategies for decluttering homes before a photoshoot

• Free mobile apps for photo editing

3. Myth Buster Real Estate Reels

People are often curious about real estate myths, and it's crucial to set the record straight. Believing in misinformation can have significant consequences when it comes to buying or selling property.

Create myth-busting PSA Reels to guide buyers and sellers towards better outcomes. Here are some ideas:

• Debunking myths about choosing the right real estate agent

• Uncovering the truth about home inspections

• Exploring the reality of radon concerns

• Addressing misconceptions about buying "high and dry" property

These Reel titles signal that you'll provide a reality check, assuring viewers that they'll gain valuable insights from an expert like you.

4. Interactive Q&A

Engage with your audience by hosting Q&A sessions. Answer common questions from clients, covering topics like pricing, services, and location. Capture these sessions in short video clips, and your Reels are ready to go. It's a simple way to address curiosity and provide valuable information to your viewers.

5. Transformation Stories

One engaging way to captivate your audience is by showcasing the transformation of real-life or digital objects, like homes or kitchens. Whether it's a real renovation project or a digital makeover, these transformations are sure to impress. For instance, you can demonstrate how your team digitally enhances and stages real estate photos to assist agents in marketing properties more effectively.

Another approach is to document how your team turns raw video footage and images into polished visual content for real estate agents. You can add excitement to these "Before and After" makeovers by creating lively timelapse videos with various effects and music available on platforms like Instagram.

6. Virtual Property Tours

Bring properties to life with dynamic virtual tours that highlight key features and offer interesting insights. By providing immersive experiences, you can make potential buyers feel as if they're exploring the property in person.

Step Inside and Experience the Property! Create Engaging Virtual Tours with Styldod

Let's Make Virtual Tours Interactive!

7. Fascinating Property Facts

Share intriguing and lesser-known facts about the properties you represent. This could include historical tidbits, unique features, or quirky details that make a property stand out from the rest.

Keep your audience in the loop about the latest market trends, housing stats, and any updates that might impact home buyers or sellers.

Jumping on trends can help your reels reach a wider audience! Just like on TikTok, trends on Instagram Reels come and go, so it's important to stay aware. Take a look at the Explore Page to see what other businesses are doing, and decide what might work for you.

You can even start your own trend! Try a quick talk, a dance, or a unique hashtag, and invite your followers to join in. It might take some direct messages at first, though. Since Instagram Reels is all about experimentation, don't be afraid to try new ideas, even if they don't perfectly match your feed's style. You can choose to keep new reels visible only on the Reels tab, rather than your Home tab, when you post them.

10. Highlight Your Community and Team

Using content created by your community is a great way to keep your audience engaged and fill your content calendar! If you're not sure what to post, consider creating a video that showcases your community. You can gather tagged images or clips that your fans have shared and compile them into a video. Another idea is to create a video featuring client testimonials, but always remember to ask for permission before sharing anything.

This approach also works well for your employees. Choose a topic like “real estate video” and shine the spotlight on a videographer or your entire videography team. You could also showcase “a day in a videographer’s life”. Ask your team members what they love about working with your brand and create a 15 to 30-second video. Employee testimonials are always a hit, as people enjoy hearing from the real people behind a business.

11. Highlight Your Services

Another effective tactic is to create content that highlights your services.

Make a list of your services and decide which one you want to promote for increased sales. Once you've chosen, gather some clips that showcase that service. Whether it's a virtual tour recorded as a video or a walkthrough video presented in a reel format, the possibilities are endless. Since you own the media, leverage it to your advantage. You can use text or effects to emphasize what sets you apart, whether it's a 12-hour turnaround, various services offered, or free headshots. Alternatively, you can consider outsourcing to real estate video editing services for a quicker turnaround time.

12. Customer Feedback

If you have a client who's happy to share their experience working with you on camera, that's great!

But, you can also share a client's story without revealing their identity. In the video, discuss what they were searching for, how things turned out, what they ultimately purchased, and how satisfied they were with the process.

You can also make an Instagram video for your sellers. The aim of this video is to demonstrate your expertise and effectiveness to potential customers, assuring them that you are knowledgeable and skilled in your field.

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Shital Gohil

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Styldod

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