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Home Staging

Home Staging in Atlanta: Top 10 Home Stagers in Atlanta, GA

Real Estate Market in Atlanta

With the increasing job opportunities, growing population, and great house affordability, the real estate market in Atlanta has been soaring since last year.

Atlanta has thriving metropolitan areas with reasonably priced homes, making it an attractive market. The median sales price in Atlanta is up by nearly 16% every year.

But with such a wide competition of real estate in Atlanta, ever wondered how difficult it would be to sell your listing? Or what can you do to differentiate yourself from your competitors? Home staging is the answer you are looking for.

Home Staging in Atlanta

Are you planning to sell a listing in Atlanta quicker by securing its worth? Home staging is one way to achieve that, and we have the stats to tell you why.

According to a statistic report by NAR, 82% of buyer’s agents stated they found staging helpful in visualizing the property as their future home. 7 in 10 agents found photos, videos, and virtual tours more valuable during the pandemic. Staging a home helps buyers see its full potential by featuring it in the best light.

The statistics can help you imagine how much of a great help home staging can be to sell your listings in Atlanta. To grab more of its advantages, we have compiled a list of the best home staging companies in Atlanta that make your job easier and give you the desired results.

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Best Home Stagers in Atlanta

  1. Estage Home

    Catering to all your needs, Estage Home offers occupied and unoccupied home staging, design services, home organization, and photography.

    Address: Alpharetta, Georgia 30009, United States
    Phone: (404) 528-2078

  2. Ormsby Designs

    Ormsby Designs is a full-service home staging and interior designing company that offers added services such as color consulting, decluttering, furniture selection, space planning, and much more.

    Address: Atlanta, Georgia 30331, United States
    Phone: (404) 921-3120
    Website: https://theormsbyteam.com/

  3. Designed to Sell Staging

    With over 15 years of experience, Designed to Sell Staging offers home staging services, staging consultation, space planning, art selection, and much more.

    Address: Cumming, Georgia 30028, United States
    Phone: (404) 800-7262
    Website: https://designedtosellstagingandredesign.com/

  4. House of Design

    House of Design’s seamless and incomparable services include home staging, furniture rentals, interior designing, and much more.

    Address: Kennesaw, Georgia 30114, United States
    Phone: (470) 577-8124
    Website: https://www.houseofdesignga.com/

  5. Levels of Lux

    Levels of Lux offers staging for new constructions, fully renovated homes, condos, apartments, and light commercial spaces.

    Address: Atlanta, Georgia 30326, United States
    Phone: (972) 316-4459
    Website: http://levelsoflux.com/

  6. Design2Sell Interiors & Home Staging

    Design2Sell Home Staging and Lifestyle Design specializes in occupied and vacant home staging, color consulting, space planning, furniture selection, and more.

    Address: 5080 Highlands Parkway SE, Suite A-150, Smyrna, Georgia 30082, United States
    Phone: (678) 505-1433
    Website: https://www.homedesign2sell.com/

  7. Ask for Staging

    Ask for Staging’s services include occupied and vacant key room staging, vacant full and model home staging, color consulting, vacant luxury staging, and much more.

  8. H&R Staging & Design

    H&R Staging & Design specializes in home staging, color consulting, space planning, decluttering, furniture selection, and much more.

    Address: Atlanta, Georgia 30329, United States
    Phone: (404) 502-6546
    Website: https://www.hrstagingdesign.com/

  9. FynHome Staging & Redesign

    FynHome Staging & Redesign offers home staging, redesigning, color consulting, art selection, furniture selection, and much more.

    Address: Atlanta, Georgia 30303, United States
    Phone: (770) 713-6137
    Website: https://fynhome.com/

  10. Ooh La La Home Staging, LLC

    Ooh La La Home Staging, LLC specializes in vacant and occupied home staging, home staging consultation in Atlanta and within its 30 miles radius.

    Address: Serving Greater Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia 30329, United States
    Phone: (770) 771-4562
    Website: https://www.oohlalahomestaging.com/

Is Home Staging in Atlanta for Me?

Although home staging will get your work done, it will require you to splurge lots of money and effort into it, making it unsuitable for people with time and money constraints. However, this does not mean you have to compromise with your listing.

You can explore other options, such as virtual staging, an excellent alternative to traditional home staging. If you want to learn more about it, here’s a complete virtual staging guide.

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Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Styldod

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