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Real estate videos are the virtual key to effective listings. They give potential buyers the first glimpse of the home, so the videos must be created empathetically, keeping buyer and seller sentiments in mind. You want to exhibit the house in its best light while disclosing all its important features. While the footage that was shot plays a big role in creating an effective video, the power to make it an instant hit with the buyers lies with the real estate video editor. While editing real estate videos, you need to understand how people think, feel, and watch them. Follow these steps to narrate a story through your real estate video.

Editing Tips for Real Estate Videos

Practicing the following tips will help you oversee stellar listing videos or become a seasoned real estate video editor. And if you are looking for video editing apps to simplify the process, here's our recommended list, and if you want to take control of the post processing with professional softwares, here's our compilation of the best video editing softwares along with a comparison of their pros and cons.

1. Select the Best Angles for Each Room

Potential buyers love watching real estate videos because it’s the next best option to visiting the house in person, so give them what they want. For instance, a great narrative would be to start your listing video strong with a cool drone shot or a shot of the gorgeous home exterior. The idea is to keep the opening shot longer than the rest, and move on to the main door, the living room, kitchen, etc., just like how it would be if the viewer entered the home for real. Each shot should be interesting and under 3 seconds. Show the angles in such a way that the viewer feels like they have been transported inside the listing. Also, as a real estate video editor, ensure that you show each room from various angles to give the buyer a comprehensive understanding of the listing. The following images are examples of the different angles from which a room can be shot.

2. Make Use of Transitions

Video transitions add to the flow of the video, making it interesting for the viewer. The simple cut is the most used invisible transition in real estate videos. Apart from that, there are fades, dissolves, slides, and even 3D animation that ties together clips and shots into a cohesive video.

3. Use a Mix of Wide, Medium, and Close Up Shots

While filming, get a judicious mix of wide, medium, and close-up shots, so that they can be strung together during the editing phase to grab the viewer’s attention. Wide-angle shots are great for home exteriors to showcase the beautiful garden, garage, and neighboring areas. Medium-angle shots give the viewer an overview of the specific rooms in the house, and close-up shots are ideal for showcasing the details that make the house what it is. From the texture of the walls to the lovely plants in the garden, these shots make the viewer emotionally attached to the listing.

4. Keep the Video Pace Intact

Viewers have short attention spans, especially if they are watching the real estate videos on an MLS. So instead of showing a particular room or angle for a while, change up shots and scenes to keep the viewer intrigued. Switch from one visual to another and keep the pace of the video intact.

5. Cut Out Mistakes and Flaws

While editing real estate videos, cut out any mistakes that could have happened during video filming, like shakiness in the footage. However, do not cover up real flaws in the listing using the real estate video editor. This is considered malpractice and could leave you in a legal mess. We have a blog coming up to help you learn more about misrepresentation in real estate.

6. Don’t Overdo the Effects

Video effects are significant, but avoid whacky ones that could ruin the aesthetics of your real estate videos. Remember to add a pop of color to make the video professional, alter saturation, and adjust the exposure spectrum so that the video is neither too dark nor blindingly bright.

This is an example of overdone editing.

The following screenshot is an example of an aptly edited video.

7. Choose Royalty-Free Background Music

Background music plays a vital role in making your videos engaging because it evokes strong emotions without a single word. YouTube’s Audio Library is a blessing to real estate video editors, as it offers royalty-free tunes to accompany your real estate videos. Choose from their wide range of artists, genres, and duration. Your selected music will determine the mood and vibe of the video, so choose wisely.  

8. Keep the Video Short and Sweet

Youtube videos have an average view duration of 50%-60%, according to Uhuru Network, a sales and marketing service. This means there is a good chance of your viewers dropping out midway through the real estate video. So keep your videos short and crisp within 2-3 minutes, and include a call to action, e.g., ‘enquire now before the home is off the market!’ before the halfway mark. Your video will need to be posted across multiple platforms, so compress the file to under 200 MB, and convert it to mp4 format with a standard resolution of 1920x1080 to fit most channels.

While editing your real estate videos, keep the above tips in mind, from the angles, effects, and transitions to the duration. Editing is a lengthy process, so take breaks in between to come back with a fresh pair of eyes and look at the video from a different perspective. If you have trusted real estate video editor friends in the industry, ask them for constructive feedback. To learn about shooting videos, check out this article.
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