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Real Estate Marketing

Essential Real Estate Marketing Materials for 2024

The prevalence of the digital age has shifted real estate marketing materials predominantly to the online realm. Advertising now thrives on real estate websites, property pages, and social media platforms. This transition is driven by several compelling factors, like the wider reach offered by the internet, the ability to measure marketing efforts, and the growing concern for the environment.

Despite the advantages of digital marketing, the online landscape has become increasingly competitive. Therefore, it is advantageous for real estate agents to blend both digital and print marketing mediums. While captivating photographs and engaging online content can reach a broad audience, providing prospective clients with tangible materials that serve as a reminder of your presence and services can yield significant returns.

In this article, we will explore the most effective digital and print marketing materials for real estate professionals. These materials not only assist in attracting potential buyers but also enhance brand awareness for realtors.

Digital Marketing Materials for Real Estate Agents

Digital marketing takes the help of digital mediums to promote your business and services. To use digital mediums, you need digital marketing materials for your real estate business and promote your services on them accordingly. Here are some trending 2024 real estate digital marketing materials you can use:

1. Marketing Videos

Videos have proven to be some of the most powerful marketing tools in this digital era. More and more social media channels are adopting practices to push videos in their algorithm as more and more people prefer watching short videos over reading long texts. HubSpot discovered that video marketing was one of the star elements of digital marketing materials. With over 19 hours of video watching every week in 2022, compared to the mere 10.5 hours every week in 2018, people have started preferring to engage in video content.

As a real estate business owner, you can use videos as a useful tool to engage with your audience and make them the most effective tool of communication and marketing material for your real estate business. This best marketing material for real estate agents can help you keep the communication between you and your audience interactive. For example, you can add an "about me" video on your website to add more personality. Your listings can also be done in video format for more engagement. Or you can post thematic real estate videos on different hacks or tips related to the industry. These real estate marketing material videos can be posted anywhere online – from your website to social media channels.

2. Blog Posts

The next marketing material for real estate we have in this list are blogs. If you have not thought of blogging, it's time to reconsider. Blog posts are known to enhance your brand awareness opportunities, increase your credibility, and establish you as a real estate industry expert. This marketing material for real estate agents can help you build trust between you and your potential customers as they can rest assured with the satisfaction that you have enough knowledge of the industry.

You can even attract new clients by showcasing your knowledge through real estate blog posts. Here are some topic ideas for your reference to get started:

  • Local market trends
  • Industry news
  • Tips and tricks related to the real estate industry
  • Resources for home sellers and buyers

3. Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are crucial marketing materials for real estate agents. They are modern-day technology-enabled postcards that are the best way to market your business – but only if you use them wisely. Since everyone has an email ID, it's easy to market your business and services through emails via newsletters. But there's a tiny problem: how often do you open your inbox to read a promotional email? Hardly ever, right? That's why it's essential to use this real estate agent marketing material smartly.

  • Ensure you don't get too spammy and salesy with every newsletter you send to your subscribers.
  • Add value to the content you are sending out.
  • You have to craft an intelligent strategy to use this marketing material for real estate purposes. For example, you can include existing listings as a part of the newsletter topic or share tips related to home selling or homebuying.

Remember, it's easier to scale your subscriber list on emails than it is to increase your followers on social media. Plus, it is less expensive than Pay-Per-Click advertising. So, use this real estate marketing material wisely for maximum benefits.

4. Social Media Posts

Next up, we have the most-loved marketing material for real estate agents – social media posts. Social media platforms are increasingly becoming a part of everyone's lifestyle. With increasing users of leading social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, it’s no doubt that having an online presence is mandatory to expand your customer reach and grow your business presence.

Posting regularly on relevant social media channels can build customer trust, attract new leads, and even create more business visibility. Based on the social media platform, there are several ways to grab audiences' attention through social media posts.

To use this marketing material for real estate, here are some social media post ideas that can help you:

  • Open house announcements
  • Listing information
  • Informational posts like tips, hacks, guides, how-to's
  • Testimonials
  • Real estate industry market trends
Check out our blog post - Real Estate Social Media Posts For 2023 To Attract More Leads for more ideas!

5. SEO-Optimized Websites

A website is the face of any business. As a real estate agent, websites can be great real estate marketing materials as it's the first thing a potential customer will notice when they want to discover more about your business. And today, with the increasing use of internet, homebuyers have started to incorporate smarter methods to search for homes online.

According to a report by the National Realtor Association (NAR), 97% of people begin their property searching process online. People usually search for real estate agents or listings near their location, and a study by Backlinko reveals that the first three results on the Google search engine page get about 54% of the clicks and views. So, creating a website is not enough. To make it your profitable real estate agent marketing material, you need to make it rank by adapting the best SEO practices.

An SEO-optimized website is essential marketing material for real estate agents as it enhances your listings' visibility and allows you to reach the maximum potential customers. Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking to optimize your website:

  • Keep updating your content constantly
  • Optimize the website with appropriate and ranking keywords
  • Make sure to make the website accessible from all devices, especially mobile
  • Index your web pages on Google Search Console
  • Use Google Business to level up your local business marketing strategy
  • Try including video content

6. LinkedIn Posts

LinkedIn has a relatively smaller user base when compared to other popular social media platforms, but don’t let this undermine the value this platform adds as marketing material for real estate agents. This business-centric platform is an ideal center to promote your real estate business. Most LinkedIn users, who actively use this app, are above 30 with high income and ready to settle with a house of their own, making LinkedIn an ideal platform to find your potential customers.

Apart from connecting with other real estate professionals, you can use this real estate agent marketing material to promote your events or listings and even build your customer base by showcasing your expertise in the industry. So, what are you waiting for? If you are still not using this marketing material for your real estate business, then you are losing potential customers. Write an engaging real estate agent bio, highlight your accomplishments, add a cover photo, and start posting!

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7. High-Quality Real Estate Photos

Whatever type of real estate marketing material you create, adding high-quality real estate photos helps showcase a property's beauty and features to potential homebuyers. This marketing material for real estate can make or break your deal with a homebuyer, as real estate images highlight the best parts of a property and increase the chances of selling a property at a high value.

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8. Social Media Ads

Another way in which you can use social media as marketing material for real estate is by utilizing ads targeting a specific set of audience. Using online paid ads to promote your listings can help you reach a target audience of a particular age and even city. This helps drive accurate traffic toward your property listing website or landing page.

If you devote a good amount of time to craft a proper message and the right visuals, you can attract new and quality leads and will be able to close more deals with this marketing material for real estate agents. Write an ad copy that reflects the goal of your ad, speaks with the audience, and targets their pain points while also providing a solution to their troubles that cause aches.

Some social media ad ideas are as follows:

  • Just sold ads
  • Listing ads
  • Testimonial ads
  • Open house ads
  • Business ads

9. Professional Headshots

Lastly, your face makes your brand unique and the most "you." When people search for you as their real estate agent, they aren't just looking for another agent to help them buy or sell their house. If they want to work with you, they are searching for someone unique in their work and with an authentic personal brand. And this is when a headshot can prove to be one of the best marketing materials for real estate agents!

Professional real estate headshots put a face to your brand, making it more personal and authentic to trust for potential customers. Your face is something that can't be copied; hence, it builds credibility and makes headshots the most effective and essential marketing material for real estate agents. So, ensure to spend enough time clicking professional headshots. Make it professional, and pay attention to the body language in these images.

Apart from the digital real estate agent marketing materials, there's also a traditional marketing route to enforce for maximizing your marketing efforts and expanding your chances to reach more audiences. Here are some print real estate marketing materials to include in your traditional marketing plans:

1. Business Cards

If you think that no one actually distributes business cards to maximize their brand visibility in the age of digital enhancement, then you are wrong. Every year, business cards get a new look based on design trends. This valuable real estate agent marketing material can be a game-changer to make yourself stand out because the more eye-catching your business card is, the harder it will be for anyone to throw it away.

Try experimenting with the card's font and color combination and other ways to make it memorable. You can add an unusual texture or shape to it, try writing something on to make it memorable or have a matte finish. Even add a QR code to your website on it and make this real estate agent marketing material as noteworthy as possible.

2. Flyers

One of the oldest marketing materials, real estate flyers are great for getting the word going for your business. This tactic is great for your local audience. However, there's a change in the way agents use this real estate marketing material. You won’t see anyone handing out flyers to people. But rather, you can see these flyers hanging around places where people will most likely look for a real estate agent.

For example, tying up with your local architects, interior designers, construction professionals, or carpenters can help you greatly, as you can distribute your real estate flyers to them and ask them to place them in their offices where everyone can see them. You can even distribute your real estate agent marketing material at events and other networking functions.

3. Window Displays

This marketing material for real estate agents is a great way to promote your existing listings and gain the attention of people who are not yet actively looking for properties, but when they look at your window display, they might just spot their dream home. These eye-catching displays can help catch passersby's attention and create a long-lasting impression on them, making you unique from your competitors.

4. Postcards

Postcard is another print marketing material for real estate that is effective and unique in its own way. You can customize them according to your customer's preferences and add a personal touch to them. To create an impact with these print marketing materials for real estate, send postcards to local customers, and use high-quality property images to grab attention.

You can also use postcards to keep in touch with your previous clients and make them keep your real estate business on top of their minds whenever recommending a real estate agent to someone they know.

5. Brochures

Another great example of print marketing material for real estate agents, brochures are effective, especially as luxury real estate marketing materials where it takes more than the normal time to sell a property. Make sure to include all the relevant information about the property on the brochures to offer a deeper understanding of the listing.

6. Yard Signs

Yet another traditional and the oldest print marketing material for real estate, yard signs offer a curb appeal to the property on sale, even when most properties are available online to see.

To make this real estate agent marketing material appealing, ensure its design is attractive and instantly appeals to the eyes. Include information about the property and contact details that are readable from a considerable distance. Using a sans-serif font is better in these yard signs for enhancing readability.

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A form of direct marketing, door hangers are traditional print marketing material for real estate agents to reach local customers. This traditional real estate marketing material is great for generating localized leads in a specific location without spending money on paid social media ads.

Mix Up Your Real Estate Marketing Materials!

Mixing your marketing efforts with a blend of digital and print marketing materials for real estate can help you enhance your efforts at promoting your real estate services. With the variety of options, you can mix up different marketing materials and try to communicate with your audience more effectively.

Rahul Agrawal

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Styldod

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