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When you’re starting, real estate may seem like a challenging industry to break into and grow in. So what’s the best way to learn the tricks of the business? By diving into the knowledge and learnings of those who came before you and conquered the marketplace. Books are an excellent resource for this. Apart from providing a good understanding of the industry and helping you develop the necessary skills, reading improves your vocabulary, builds communication skills, and strengthens the human brain. Here are the top 10 best real estate books that will help you achieve this and more.

Best Real Estate Books of 2024

Navigate through the industry and climb the ladders to success with these books for real estate agents.

1. Who Moved My Cheese

Author: Spencer Johnson

If you are a beginner in real estate, it is essential to develop an open mindset towards the changes in business and life. Narrated as a story of a mouse in a maze, this book for real estate agents talks about adaptability and how life changes bring about stress. The light read will prepare you for the surprises life has to offer and tell you how to breeze through them, as it stays relevant even beyond two decades.

“Two decades ago, only one man understood the transformative power of his parable about industrious mice. Now the world knows.” ~ The Washington Post

2. Secrets of Home Staging

Author: Kate Prince

This book is an indispensable guide for everyday homeowners as well as real estate agents selling homes. If the idea of home staging overwhelms you and you don’t know where to start, award-winning home stager Kate Prince will take you through the process with home decor ideas and staging tips. With homes being pre-shopped online and rejected within seconds, making them look good online and offline is imperative. Featuring over 150 color photos, Karen will offer you tips for faster sales and higher prices.

“…a must-read when selling your home. This book is a beautiful tutorial that will help you sell your home faster.” ― Cassandra Aarssen, professional organizer and author of The Clutter Connection

3. Farming, for Real Estate Agents

Author: Meredith Fogle

Real estate expert Meredith draws parallels between the real estate business and farming. Just like a traditional farm, real estate centers around a specific geographic area where you plant seeds through marketing and word of mouth, grow your crops by nurturing client relations and harvest them by closing deals. Meredith shows you how to zero in on a farm area and dominate the market in this step-by-step guide. This book for real estate agents is filled with worksheets, exercises, and charts to make you a top-producing farmer. You will also find practical tips from industry biggies, including real estate leaders and bloggers.

“Great read for either new agents or tenured agents looking to polish their skills.
Very cool read, there are some great strategies in here for both newer agents as well as those looking to hone their skills in an increasingly competitive field.” ~ Gena B

4. Women in Multifamily Real Estate

Author: Kaylee McMahon

This is one of the best real estate books because it is an amalgamation of touching stories from successful women in real estate who broke barriers and touched the lives of countless people. These strong women share their stories of resilience to help others succeed in business and life. Women in Multifamily Real Estate tells you the best way to get started in multifamily real estate and how to succeed there. Featuring conversations with powerful women, including Anna Kelley, Karolina DiMario, and Sandhya Seshadri, it teaches you the importance of networking, finding a mentor, analyzing deals, raising private capital, and how to grow your multifamily portfolio.

“This book is for Entrepreneurs
If you ever wondered about the secret life of investors and Entrepreneurs this is a must read. Kaylee is transparent, authentic and brilliant in how she composed this book. Easy read, but very very relevant for any one who aspires to do their own thing in the market place.” ~ Dawn Waye on Amazon

5. Rich Dad Poor Dad

Author: Robert T Kiyosaki

A generic book for beginners in financial literacy, real estate investing is a significant idea discussed in this book. It offers a broad view of the basics of personal finance and investing. Since money management is not taught in school, most people get into adult life not knowing how to approach money. Therefore, the book will explain why people should invest in real estate and how to go about it. Robert narrates the story in first person and talks about his two dads - one a financially intelligent, self-employed man who knew how to make his money work for him, and another, a man who only knew how to pay bills. He compares both of their approaches towards money and imparts the importance of growing your wealth through wise investments instead of dead ones.

“Rich Dad Poor Dad is a starting point for anyone looking to gain control of their financial future.” ~ USA Today

6. Real Estate Influence

Author: Chris Stewart & Allan Dalton

Real Estate Influence is all about being influential in your personal and professional life with clients and communities. Chris and Allen dive into their illustrious real estate careers and teach you the ropes of building a successful, long-lasting career. Their strategy is to be more than transactional and to have a relationship with clients and tell you how to achieve it through education, value, and skills.

“This book provides invaluable insight and guidance on how real estate agents can better represent their communities and clients and thus build influence for their success.” ~ Phil Levy on Amazon

7. Mindset Reset For Real Estate Success

Author: Orly Steinberg

If you thought the life of a real estate agent is going to be a frenzy, you could be right. But, Orly will show you the alternate path - how to become #1 while leading a balanced life. This book for real estate agents will guide you to get off the rat race and live a meaningful life, while not compromising your career. Packed with life lessons and tools to set goals, seek clarity, and ask questions, this is the book you should keep with you at all times for those tiny bursts of motivation, calm, or inspiration.

“A must read for ALL Realtors! Orly shares her secrets to thrive in the business while also having a fulfilling family life and building wealth. What could be better? Buy this book so that you can experience abundance and balance in your life too.” ~ Sally Ponchak on Amazon

8. Declutter and Organize Your Home and Business

Author: L Keller

This book is a guide to buying, remodeling, and decorating homes for all real estate investing enthusiasts. It briefs you on the types of private real estate investments, how to organize the house for aesthetics and functionality after purchase, how to rent your home in the medium and long term, how to buy and resell, and when and how to stage your home. It also provides insights into how the real estate market has changed after COVID-19 and what the future looks like.

9. How To Win Friends And Influence People

Author: Dale Carnegie

As they say, real estate is a relationship business. Building relationships is the foundation to getting leads that eventually convert into clients and grow your business. Spencer tells you how to sow the seeds of trust in the people you meet, win them over, and influence their lives. His simple techniques will open your eyes and leave you thinking why you didn’t purchase the book sooner. This book will help you look at your career and life from a different perspective.

“It takes something extraordinary for a book to remain a best seller fully 80 years after it was first published. Dale Carnegie wrote this book in 1937, offering practical advice in how to get along with others, understand their point of view, and influence them to your own.
There are very few people who are so good at relationships that they could not learn something from this book. And periodic re-readings will reinforce the lessons learned and bring out new points that may not have been absorbed in first reading.” ~ Phil in Magnolia on Amazon

10. 365 Days of Social Posts for Real Estate Agents: The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Author: Brendan Cox

Social media is an undeniable force in today’s real estate industry. It is imperative to fetch leads and maintain relationships with past, present, and future clients. However, how many times have you wondered, “what should I post on social media?”. Being an agent itself is a tough job, and constantly thinking and generating ideas will overburden you. That is when this book comes to help. This comprehensive guide contains a year’s worth of social media strategies for real estate agents, ideas and explanations as to why they’ll work, and brand-building techniques that will guide you to be a thought leader in the industry. Grab your copy to never run out of unique social media content ideas.

“Hands down, the best book available on curating content for realtors” - Disrupt Magazine

In an era where people are engrossed by the stories that appear on their smartphones and disappear after 24 hours, books still hold a place in many hearts. Read the above 10 best real estate books to improve your industry knowledge and boost your confidence while meeting people, building relationships, and eventually shaking hands after deals.

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Ann is a thriller-loving Economics major who chose to follow her passion for writing and became a Content Writer at Styldod. A big Jeffrey Archer fan, Ann loves books, films, and everything else that gets her creative juices flowing.

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