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June 17, 2021

10 Brilliant Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Ann Alex
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The American real estate industry is growing with 1.3 million active realtors, according to the National Association of Realtors. With competition heating up, real estate agents need to market themselves originally and effectively to stand out from the pack and generate leads. As more homebuyers and sellers flock to social media, an active presence online is a must for agents. Here are 10 best real estate marketing ideas for real estate agents to come across as dynamic, engaging, and interesting.

Real Estate Marketing Ideas

1. Leverage Social Media

According to the National Association of Realtors, 47% of real estate businesses generate their highest quality leads through social media than any other resource. This signifies the power of social media on homebuyers’ decision-making. Many real estate agents agree that social media is the best way to connect with potential homebuyers and sellers and keep in touch with past clients. These effective social media strategies can elevate your Instagram and Facebook game. Agents can use Pinterest boards to highlight listing images. Use Twitter’s search tool to look for suitable hashtags that can give you visibility. LinkedIn is where real estate professionals generate the highest leads, so do not leave it out. Creating groups on social media, and being active there will generate leads for real estate agents. Constantly keep posting about your latest listings, resources, and tips for home buyers and sellers. 

2. Make Yourself Easy To Contact

Furnishing your contact information is an essential step in real estate marketing. Update your social media bios to include your location, contact number, and email address. Make yourself easy to reach out to by putting your contact details on every page of your website. An eye-catching contact us page can help your business. Keep a stock of well-designed business cards to be handed out when required. Also, it is important to be easily accessible on all social media platforms. Have instant response templates prepared for frequent customers, as 42% of customers expect replies within 1 hour. Swift and meaningful responses to your social media comments will make you come across as an agent who cares about clients.

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3. Recruit a Good Photographer

While surfing through online listings, people tend to judge a book by its cover. A substandard photo can diminish even exceptional properties. Hence, hire a professional photographer to click aesthetic pictures for you.If you have the confidence to click them on your own, follow these real estate photography tips to brush up on your basics. If you cannot get hold of a professional camera, even a good smartphone will do the job.

Source: Pinterest

4. Local Sponsorship 

Sponsoring local events is an excellent real estate marketing idea. Sponsor the annual baseball game or your town fair to give your brand visibility through pamphlets, flyers, and merchandise. Neighborhood festivals and school events are where the residential home buyers flock to.

5. Zillow

If you are an agent without a Zillow account, you need to create one right away. Zillow is the leading online real estate marketplace for homebuyers, sellers, and rentals. With 196 million users in 2019, it is one of the key search engines to explore properties. Register under Zillow’s agent finder, ask clients to review and run Zillow ads to make the best of the platform. Zillow assembles data about mortgage rates and housing prices that people look for on search engines. This data improves SEO for Zillow, thereby improving its rankings. iBuying is a service where Zillow makes an offer on a property and buys it, only to refurbish and sell it again.

Advantages of Zillow:

  • Exposes listings to a wide range of consumers.
  • Gives agents a platform to advertise their skills to a broader audience.
  • Consumers get access to non-agent represented properties
  • Zillow Premier Agent sends more traffic to your listings through paying. This feature gives a branding makeover to agents, guarantees a number of impressions every month with their vast user base, and allows hyperlocal marketing.

6. Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is used by 87% of marketers to reach out to their audience. Emails grow your business by improving brand awareness. Newsletters are regular emails sent to build client relationships in real estate marketing. They promise a ROI of $42 for every $1 spent. Collect email addresses from your website and open houses and update your subscribers about your latest listings and upcoming events. Here are 10 Killer Real Estate Newsletter Ideas to create engaging newsletter content. Emails are an important touchpoint in a buyer’s journey. Welcome emails, review emails, testimonial emails, and promotional emails are some of the types of emails real estate agents should send for effective email marketing.


7. Conduct Events

Conduct online and offline events to keep your real estate community close. When your latest listing hits the market, conduct an open house to showcase it to the potential buyers in your circle. Here are some tips to conduct a stellar open house. Webinars are great to be conducted from the comfort of your home. Choose a relevant topic like ‘Things to look for during house hunt’ with a Q&A after the event. Run social media ads to rope in viewers who can later be converted into clients.

8. The Power of Testimonials

Testimonial marketing has excellent potential as 84% of customers trust online reviews. Testimonials help you understand your clients’ difficulties, what they liked the best about your services, and improves your credibility. Gather video/ written testimonials from your past clients and use them on your website, social media, and emails. Humans respond to emotional storytelling. So tell a fitting one. Build a testimonial engine to allow a constant flow of compelling reviews that will motivate current clients to stick to you. Post weekly testimonials on social media, include them in newsletters regularly, and also display them on your website. Promote these testimonials through paid ads to attract new customers. When you come across satisfied customers, ask them to post a review about you on their social media handle to bring in new clients from their network.


9. Become A Real Estate Thought Leader

To be a successful real estate agent, people need to know you. So do everything to market yourself. Create a podcast, and go participate in other podcasts as a guest speaker. Write a column in your local real estate newspaper/ magazine, and create a blog providing real estate market news, trends, and homebuyer tips. Become a social media influencer by posting quality content regularly. Go live on Instagram and Facebook to chat with fellow industry professionals, put up stories and posts, and chat with your followers often. Consider starting your own Youtube channel, and post interesting videos regularly. Youtube videos rank significantly high on search engines because Google recognizes how difficult they are to create. Have live chats with your audience and answer their queries.

10. Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging is the process of digitally staging a house with furniture and home decor. It transforms empty spaces into realistic living areas. Virtual staging will bring out the true potential of your listing to attract buyers. Anything can be staged in a home using professional photographs- from chairs and mirrors to indoor plants and rugs. The former is flexible, time-saving, and cost-effective when it comes to virtual staging vs. physical staging. Depending on the quality of work, turnaround time, and pricing, choose your virtual staging company.

Empty room image
Virtually Staged by Styldod

11. Virtual Tours

360° virtual tours are 3D videos made with panoramic images adding background voices and text. They give potential buyers a chance to tour the home digitally. Virtual tours provide the viewer an immersive experience by showing every nook and corner of the home. Since 45% of millennials bid a house unseen, they can substitute for physical house showings. Virtual tours are more accurate and engaging than photos and can be easily made with a 360° camera.

Build your brand and grow your business with the right real estate marketing strategies. Focus on your brand’s online presence and produce SEO-optimized content to make the most of your efforts. Keep your real estate website at the forefront of your plan and let the lead generation flow using the above real estate marketing ideas.

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