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Social media marketing

Real Estate Agents: Avoid These Social Media Mistakes

Real estate agents have an important job to do, and a large part of that responsibility includes utilizing social media. Social media can be a powerful tool for real estate agents to reach potential buyers and sellers, yet your online presence could do more harm than good if you're not careful. This article will provide insight into the common mistakes made by real estate agents when using social media, helping you to avoid them in order to ensure success in your online presence.

Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes that Real Estate Agents Should Avoid

When it comes to real estate, marketing is key. Social media can be an excellent way for real estate agents to reach potential buyers, but if you don't use it correctly, you could be wasting time and energy. Here are some common mistakes that real estate agents make when it comes to social media marketing:

  1. Only Posting One Type of Content

    You want your content to be varied and engaging so that it resonates with different audiences. This means posting a variety of original photos, videos, articles, and memes in addition to promoting listings and providing real estate market updates. Your followers will appreciate the diversity in content while also gaining insight into what you have to offer them. Additionally, diversifying the type of content you share, will help keep your profile looking fresh and engaging for potential clients who may stumble across your page in their search for an agent.

  2. Coming Off as Impersonal, Arrogant, or Unrelatable

    When using social media, avoid coming off as impersonal or unapproachable in your posts. If your messaging lacks interactivity or personal connection, it may be difficult for potential customers or other real estate agents to relate with you. Furthermore, make sure to convey humility in your posts by avoiding arrogance or an air of superiority because these qualities will likely put people off and make them think twice about doing business with you. Remember that potential buyers need to trust the person they're working with before they decide to buy or sell property through them, so their initial perception of you needs to be positive.

  3. Forgetting to Utilize all of the Features the Platform You're Posting on has to Offer

    When posting on a platform like Instagram or Facebook, real estate agents must remember to use all of the features their chosen platform offers. Not taking advantage of every feature could lead to an incomplete post that does not accurately represent what you're trying to show potential clients. For example, using hashtags on Instagram is an excellent way for real estate agents to get more eyes on their posts because people who don't follow them may come across one of their hashtags in a search and visit their page.

  4. Promoting Your Business Too Overtly or Too Often

    When it comes to real estate agents and social media, the key is to establish a balance between sharing content that's relevant and interesting for potential customers and actually advertising your services. It's important not to bombard followers with posts about your listings or how great you are as an agent; this makes you appear pushy and desperate for sales. Additionally, resist the urge to buy followers or engage in any other sort of "black hat" marketing tactics that could land you in hot water with both your brand image and social platform guidelines.

  5. Not Using Images and Videos in Social Media Posts

    Studies have shown that visuals are incredibly important when it comes to engaging an audience on social media. Posts with images or videos capture attention more easily than text-only posts and can generate significantly higher engagement rates. Agents should be sure to include visuals in all of their social media posts in order to achieve the highest level of engagement possible. Additionally, using visuals related directly to real estate offers a great opportunity for agents to build a portfolio and showcase properties they're listing or recently sold.

    It is recommended that you stop wasting time and money creating real estate videos that you weren't sure would be up to par. With Styldod's free real estate video maker, you can create stunning videos quickly and easily, so don't wait! Make a beautiful impression on your customers today by taking advantage of our free video-making tool.

  6. Don't Forget to Utilize all Features Such as Live, Reels

    Recently, platforms such as Instagram have been introducing new features such as Live and Reels, which real estate agents should take advantage of.

    Live streams on Instagram are an excellent way for real estate agents to show properties through interactive, engaging video tours while talking directly with viewers. This helps build trust by allowing customers to ask questions and get answers immediately. The feature is heavily underutilized right now, and it would especially be helpful to do open house events.

    Additionally, Reels allow agents to showcase snippets of different properties in a fun, creative way that resonates with their target audience. Utilizing these tools effectively can help real estate agents stay ahead of the competition and increase leads from potential buyers or sellers.

  7. Don't forget to use a Good Bio and Profile Picture

    One mistake many real estate agents make is not creating an engaging bio that describes them and their services adequately. A good real estate bio will help potential clients get a better understanding of your experience and qualifications in the field. Agents should also take care to choose a professional profile picture that represents them professionally rather than relying on personal photos or images that could give off an unprofessional vibe.

  8. Don't Post Plagiarized or Duplicate Content

    Plagiarizing content involves taking someone else's work and passing it off as your own. Duplicate content, on the other hand, means posting the same piece of content multiple times across different platforms.

    Both practices are extremely unethical and could lead to legal trouble for real estate agents if they get caught out by copyright authorities. It is always best for real estate agents to create their own original content using their own words, so there is no doubt about ownership or authenticity. This also allows them to establish a unique voice in their marketing which will help them stand out from the competition and build trust with potential customers quickly.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, social media is a powerful way to connect with potential customers in a fun, interactive way. However, it is essential for real estate agents to be mindful of their social media presence. By avoiding these common mistakes, agents can ensure that their online presence reflects the best version of themselves while also helping them stay ahead of the competition.

Rahul Agrawal

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Styldod

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