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According to the 2021 edition of the NARS Profile, 95% of home buyers use online tools. Recent trends show video marketing tools replacing image-based marketing tools because videos create connections, engagement of leads, and have high conversion rates. Since people remember and recall visual content better, it increases the buying intent of any potential client. Why are videos winning the game in real estate marketing and what kind of video editing online services would you need to strike a great first impression? Find out in this blog.

Styldod’s Video Editing Online Service

Good news! Styldod now provides a professional online real estate video editing service at a best in the market price. We create charming videos from the raw footage you give us. Attract a young audience and generate top-quality leads with great-looking videos produced by an expert team of editors. Aren’t happy with the outcome? Styldod offers unlimited revisions from our expert team until you are 100% satisfied.

Versatile Online Video Editing Services for Your Every Need

Real estate videos are a great way to set your listings apart from the competition. Here are some examples of how you can include videos in your listings:

1. Property Video Editing

Share your raw property videos with us, which we would stitch together to create a spectacular video with all the necessary details. Clients will be able to walk through your property sitting anywhere in the world! Cool right? This service starts from $20.

2. Drone Video Editing

Drone videos are all the hype in the last few years. Aerial videos help us look at the surroundings of the property and the locality. Every shot looks like it is straight out of a movie. This service starts from $20.

3. Personal Branding Video Editing

This service introduces your agency and brand to potential clients with basic information, achievements, experience, and more. It establishes trust among people about your services and helps propagate the brand further. You can also show different properties you are listing through this online real estate video editing service.

4. Short Video Clips (Short Format Video Editing)

We also create short videos perfect for your social media strategies. You can post them anywhere, from Instagram stories to YouTube shorts. These videos expand the property reach, without expanding the marketing budget. This real estate video editing service will help create stunning highlights for the property and can be customized for every social media platform. This economical service starts from $5.

5. Guided Tour Videos

A guided tour makes it easier for potential clients to get a better idea of the property you are promoting. This encourages the prospects to get in touch with you and schedule an appointment for actual in-person viewing. This service starts at $20.

What to Expect from Our Video Editing for Real Estate Service?

Each footage sent to us goes through several checks and processes before the final edited video reaches you. Styldod has even published a guide to real estate videos that deliver results.

  • Removal of camera shakes
  • Addition of music and subtitled
  • Addition of address introduction and other information
  • Quality Improvisation
  • Video length reduction and enhancements

How Do I Place an Order for Styldod Video Editing?

After hitting the place order page, you are directed to a window to add your raw footage. Here are some tips to shoot killer real estate videos. In this window, you can choose specifications for your video, like orientation and duration. Once Styldod's real estate video team gets the videos, we start working on them and deliver them to you within 1-2 business days. The final video is sent to your registered email address.

Step 1 - Choose an option

Step 2 - Add basic contact details

Step 3 - Tell us about the property / your business/video

Step 4 - Hassle-free payment

Videos sell listings faster, and clients get an immersive and realistic experience. They provide warmth and character to any property, giving potential clients the ability to visualize themselves living in it.

Videos are powerful marketing tools with limitless sharing possibilities and high engagement. The Styldod online video editing service is perfect for real estate brokers, agents, and realtors. Level up your marketing game with video editing online service offered by Styldod.

Styldod is a design-tech company that aims to simplify real estate marketing and help agents present homes in their most favorable light online by reimagining and automating the listing photography process. Having begun as a virtual staging company, today, Styldod has affordable and best-in-class products and services for every facet of real estate marketing and photography. Styldod’s suite of services includes virtual staging, image enhancements, floor plans, virtual renovation, 3D renders, 360-degree virtual tours, and Matterport virtual staging, to name a few. We're trusted by over 10,000 realtors from all over the US and from agencies like ReMax, Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams. Know more about us at https://www.styldod.com.

Asmita Kothari

Asmita is a student pursuing Bachelors of Architecture. She is an anime buff and people call her pseudo know-it-all. She runs on coffee and mom's cooking. She is adventurous and impulsive yet grounded to her roots.

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